Is it common for certain Poly Nail Gel colours to feel firmer than others?

It's perfectly normal for some Poly Nail Gel colours to be a tad more challenging to work with than others. Take Glowtips Pure White Poly Nail Gel, for example.This stuff is known for being a bit firmer and less pliable than the other colours, all because of its fancy composition. See, white Poly Nail Gel has more opaque pigments and fillers than the other colours, making it feel like it's harder to sculpt.

The way you store your Poly Nail Gel can also affect its consistency. If you're keeping your Poly Nail Gel in a cool or dry place (hello, winter!), it can become even firmer over time. Meanwhile, if you're storing your other Poly Nail Gel in a warm and humid place, they might get soft on you. It's all about the temperature, baby!

So, to keep your Poly Nail Gel nails game strong, it's important to store all your colours in the same environment. That way, you won't end up with a bunch of different textures. And if you find that your Poly Nail Gel is giving you a hard time, try soaking the Poly Nail Gel tube in lukewarm water for a few minutes before using it. It's like a spa day for your poly Nail Gel, and it might just make your life a little easier.