Can I Use Glowtips Liquid Chrome on Normal Nail Polish?

Yes, you can use liquid chrome on normal nail polish, but there are a few considerations to ensure the best outcome. Liquid chrome typically adheres best to a smooth, non-porous surface, which gel polish provides after curing. However, when using it over regular nail polish, make sure the following steps are observed:

  1. Fully Dry: Ensure the normal nail polish is completely dry before applying the liquid chrome. This might take longer than with gel polish, as air-dried polish doesn't set as quickly or as hard as UV-cured gel polish.

  2. Application Technique: The application technique might need to be adjusted slightly. Since regular nail polish can be softer or more prone to smudging than gel polish, apply the liquid chrome gently to avoid disturbing the underlying polish layer.

  3. Top Coat Compatibility: After applying the liquid chrome, finishing with a top coat is crucial to seal in the effect. Some top coats may react differently with liquid chrome over regular polish, potentially dulling the effect or causing smudges. A water-based top coat is often recommended as it's less likely to react with the chrome effect.

  4. Testing: It might be beneficial to test the liquid chrome with your specific brand of normal nail polish and top coat on a small area first. This can help you see how well the chrome adheres and whether the top coat affects its reflective finish.

In summary, while it's possible to use liquid chrome with regular nail polish, achieving the desired mirror-like effect may require more careful preparation and application compared to using it with gel polish.