Is it safe to leave a thin layer of Poly Nail Gel on my nails when I'm about to apply a new set?

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To Remove or Not to Remove? That Is the Question

One of the most common queries we receive is: "Should I remove all the previous Poly Nail Gel before applying a new set?" The answer isn't a simple yes or no – it's about understanding your nails and the product.

Understanding Nail Growth and Poly Nail Gel Longevity

Remember, your nails are living parts of your body and are always growing. During regular touch-ups, you're likely filing down the Poly Nail Gel slightly and applying a new layer to fill the space between the old Poly Nail Gel and the cuticle. This means that the Poly Nail Gel on your nails isn't ancient history – it's relatively fresh and still in good shape.

When to Start Afresh

If you notice that your existing Poly Nail Gel layer is peeling off or can be removed easily, starting with a clean slate is often the best route. Our Glowtips Poly Nail Gel is designed for easy removal when needed, ensuring you can safely and efficiently prep your nails for a new set. Watch our removal tutorial here


The Safe Middle Ground

However, if the current layer is firmly in place and your natural nails are delicate, consider leaving a thin layer of Poly Nail Gel. This approach protects your natural nails from potential damage during the removal process. Plus, it provides a stable base for the new application. Just make sure to file away any lifted areas to ensure flawless adhesion of your new Poly Nail Gel.

Transitioning Over Time

Over the course of several weeks, as you continue to refill and maintain your nails, the older layers of Poly Nail Gel will naturally be replaced. This gradual transition is not just easy on your nails but also ensures continuous, high-quality nail care.

Why This Approach Works

By maintaining a thin layer of the existing Poly Nail Gel, you're giving the new application something to adhere to, which is particularly beneficial if your natural nails are thin or prone to damage. 

At Glowtips, we believe in providing not just a product, but a complete nail care solution. By understanding these nuances, you can enjoy beautiful, healthy nails that reflect your personal style and grace.

Keep shining, and remember – your nails are your best accessory!

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