Why is my metallic gel paint clumpy after curing?

Before we dive in, ensure you’ve peeked at our "how-to" guide on applying the metallic gel paint like a pro. You can find it right here. Still having a teeny hiccup? Let's help you solve it.

Our Glowtips Metallic Gel Paint Pot is like the diva of pigments—it's SO rich! Because of its intense pigmentation, it plays a little hard-to-get with the light, compared to its gel polish cousins. But worry not! If you use a good lamp and follow our steps, this gel paint will dry just right on your nails.

Spotting some lumpiness or clumping? It might be waving a red flag saying, "Hey, I've been put on a bit too generously!" This superstar usually shines best with just one thin coat. Pro tip: Apply the gel paint thinly to your nail and cure one nail at a time. Painting them all and then curing might lead to the gel shifting and becoming lumpy. Bear in mind, this metallic gel is tailor-made for intricate line arts and also elegant French tips.

Using our Glowtips LED nail lamp? 60 seconds is usually the sweet spot for curing. If it still feels somewhat soft after curing, give it an additional 30 seconds. There are times when the surface feels cured, but deeper layers are soft. Gently tap it to make sure it's dried evenly throughout.

Wanting a 3D effect? It's essential to understand that our metallic gel paint is designed to cure flat and isn't meant for creating a raised 3D appearance. Some might try to achieve this look by applying multiple layers, and although it might look raised and lovely right after application, there's a high chance it hasn't cured completely through all the layers. This can cause issues later, like smudging if you accidentally hit your nails. Also, using a dotting tool with this gel to form small dots isn't recommended. These globs of gel can make it difficult for the light to penetrate and cure the gel properly. For a legit 3D look, team up with our 3D Crystal Gel first and then apply the metallic gel on top to take the spotlight.

We've got our fingers crossed that this clears up any little puzzles. If you have more questions, remember, Glowtips is always here to help with your nail needs! 💅✨ Contact us here