How to Use Glowtips Liquid Chrome?

Unleash the Shine: Discover Liquid Chrome Nail Polish for Trendy Nails!

Materials Needed:

  1. Base coat
  2. Black (or any colour) gel polish (serves as the base colour for the chrome effect)
  3. Liquid chrome
  4. No Wipe Top Coat Gel Polish (avoid using High Gloss Top Coat or normal Top Coat Gel Polish)
  5. LED Nail Lamp
  6. Glowtips Silicone Chrome Applicator Tool


Prepare Your Nails:

1. Start with clean, dry nails. Push back your cuticles, shape your nails as desired, and lightly buff the surface to ensure good polish adherence.

2. Clean your nails with an alcohol pad to remove any oils or residue.

Apply Base Coat:

3. Apply a thin base coat layer to protect your natural nails and improve polish adherence. Cure it under the nail lamp for 60 seconds.

Apply Base Colour:

4. Apply one or two layers of your chosen colour of gel polish as the base colour. Cure each layer under the lamp for 60 seconds.

Apply No Wipe Top Coat:

5. After the base colour is fully cured, apply a thin layer of No Wipe Top Coat and cure for 15 seconds. It should not feel sticky at this stage. Avoid fully curing for 60 seconds, as the chrome may not adhere well if fully cured. This is also why High Gloss Top Coat is not recommended, as its excessive glossiness can prevent chrome adherence.

Apply Liquid Chrome:

6. Shake the liquid chrome bottle well to ensure the chrome effect is well mixed. Use the bottle's brush to generously apply liquid chrome on your nail, covering the sides as well.

7. After application, let it air dry for 5-8 seconds until fairly dry.

8. Use a Glowtips Silicone Chrome Applicator to rub the liquid chrome and activate the chrome effect. Rubbing longer will enhance the chrome effect to its maximum.

9. If you desire a more mirrored finish, you can apply an additional layer of liquid chrome. Follow the previous steps: dab on the liquid chrome, wait for it to dry, then continue to rub until you achieve the desired finish.

Made a Mistake?

10. If you wish to redo any part, simply wipe off the liquid chrome with an alcohol wipe without needing to reapply the No Wipe Top Coat. Repeat the process as needed.

Sealing the Chrome

11. Once satisfied with the liquid chrome effect, apply a layer of top coat to seal the design. You can use any type of top coat at this point (no wipe, high gloss, etc.). Cure under the lamp for 60 seconds.

Tips & Tricks:

  • Try out different base colours to see unique results. Every base colour changes the chrome effect in its own way. That's the special thing about liquid chrome. Dark colours usually show the biggest difference.
  • While an eyeshadow sponge might seem like a handy tool for applying chrome, it often falls short of expectations. After thorough testing, we realised the need for something far more efficient, which led to the creation of the Glowtips Silicone Chrome Applicator. Sponges absorb too much product, diluting the dazzling chrome effect you're after. In contrast, our applicator is designed to deliver a flawless finish, time after time. It's not just about efficiency; it's about sustainability too. Unlike disposable eyeshadow sponges, the Glowtips Applicator is a durable choice, crafted for countless applications. 
  • Technically, you can use your finger to rub in the liquid chrome, but we advise against it, as you would be touching semi-cured top coat, which could cause allergic reactions for some people.
  • We tested using gloves to rub in the chrome, but found that some coloured gloves can transfer colour onto the nail, so we recommend not using gloves.



We're genuinely excited for you to experience the wonders of liquid chrome, just as we have. This product offers infinite possibilities to unleash your creativity.

Should you have any questions or need further insights, our comprehensive FAQ section is packed with valuable information to help you make the most of your adventures with liquid chrome.