How to use: Glowtips Poly Nail Gel Kit

To achieve best results, please use Glowtips products together.

Step 1 : Choose your Dual form sizes

  • Ensure nail prep is done first (tidy your cuticles and prepare nails).

  • Choose a Dual Form slightly bigger than your nails so you can cover both sides of your nail edges.

  • Dual form can be reused, clean and keep them!

Step 2 : Apply Base Coat 

  • Prep and prime your nails with a thin layer of Glowtips Base Coat.

Step 3 : Cure Under Glowtips LED Nail Lamp

  • 60 secs.
  • Optional : Wipe off the sticky residue after curing with alcohol or nail cleanser.

Step 4 : Apply Poly Nail Gel

  • Carefully squeeze a pea-sized amount onto the Spatula.

  • Place the Glowtips Poly Nail Gel onto the top of the inner edge of the dual form 

  • For beginner: Do one nail and cure at a time

Step 5 : Use Slip Solution 

  • Dip and soak Nail Brush into the Glowtips Slip Solution . 

  • Sculpt the Glowtips Poly Nail Gel slightly longer than your desired length 

Step 6 : Press On 

  • Gently press the Dual Form onto your nails.

  • Ensure that the edges of your nails are all covered. Take care not to get any on your skin or your cuticles.

  • Clean excess Poly Nail Gel around cuticles and under your nails (use the Brush and Slip Solution).

Step 7 : Cure Under Glowtips LED Nail Lamp

  • 60 secs.
  • Cure the front and back of your nails for extra stability.

Step 8 : Remove Dual Form 

  • Gently wiggle the Dual Form left and right to remove.

Step 9 : Cut and File 

  •  Wipe off the sticky residue after curing with alcohol or nail cleanser.
  • Cut and shape to your desire length and shape.
  • File the surface to give polish more grips of your nails. 

Step 10 : Wash your hands

  • Brush the dust away and wash your hands to ensure your nails are clean.

Step 11 : Apply Glowtips Gel Polish

  • Apply Gel Colour and cure under nail lamp. 

Step 12: Seal with Glowtips Top Coat

  • Finally, paint layer of Top Coat of cure one last time.