How to apply Glowtips Metallic Gel Paint Pot

Ready to add some metallic magic to your nails? Here's how to apply our Metallic Gel Paint Pot and become a nail art wizard:

  1. Start by prepping your nails - file, shape, and clean them to your desired look using Glowtips Nail File and Nail Buffer.

  2. Apply a Glowtips Base Coat to protect your nails and cure it under the nail lamp.

  3. Apply your desired polish colour as the base colour and cure it under the nail lamp.

  4. Open up the Glowtips Metallic Gel Paint Pot and go wild with the Glowtips Nail Brush. Give the gel a good stir to ensure even pigmentation, then dip the brush in. But beware - this gel is super pigmented, so you only need a little amount. Gently apply the gel to the nail to create your artwork, dabbing off any excess back into the pot.

  5. Cure the gel under the Glowtips LED Nail Lamp for 60 seconds. One coat should be enough, paint on thin and even. If you decide to go on a second layer, make sure to cure each layer completely before applying another. Remember, this is a pigmented gel, so the thicker the application, the longer it takes to cure. 

  6. After curing, it should be completely cured with no need to wipe off. However, if you're creating art designs that need sealing, you can use the Glowtips High Gloss Top Coat and cure it under the Glowtips LED Nail Lamp once again.

Ta-da! You're now the proud owner of a bold and beautiful metallic manicure. Now go out there and show off those nails - you've earned it, you nail art wizard, you.