Easy Poly Nail Gel Short Overlay Nails Tutorial

Welcome to your step-by-step guide on how to achieve beautiful and durable overlay nails using the Glowtips Poly Nail Gel. This tutorial is designed for beginners looking to enhance the appearance and strength of their natural nails at home.

Understanding Overlay Nails

Overlay nails are essentially a thin layer of gel product applied directly over the natural nails. This method helps to reinforce your nails, promoting natural growth and ensuring your manicure remains pristine for 2-3 weeks, with proper maintenance. It’s particularly beneficial for those who have difficulty growing their nails or whose nails are prone to weakness.

What You’ll Need

To get started, make sure you have the following items:

  • Glowtips Poly Nail Gel Kit
  • Glowtips LED Nail Lamp

Exploring the Glowtips Kit

Your Polygel kit should include:

  • A 12ml base coat and a no-wipe top coat
  • Two 30g tubes of Polygel, which are enough to create more than ten sets of nails
  • The option to select any two Polygel colours of your choice, allowing for a customised look.

Please note, for this tutorial, we are focusing on overlay nails, so dual forms for extensions are not required.

Colour Selection

The latest Polygel colour options in the kit include:

  • Milky Pink Shimmer: A soft pink with subtle purple and pink shimmer, ideal for adding a gentle sparkle.
  • Peach Red: A vibrant red best suited for those with warm undertones.
  • Baby Pink: A pale pink that complements cooler skin tones beautifully.
  • Peachy Shimmer: A rich peach shade infused with rainbow holographic glitter, which we will use in this tutorial.

Nail Preparation

Proper preparation is key to ensuring the longevity of your overlay nails:

  1. Cuticle Care: Gently push back and, if comfortable, trim your cuticles.
  2. Buffing: Lightly buff your nails with a fine-grit buffer to create a smooth surface.
  3. Shaping: Shape your nails into a square or desired shape using a nail file.
  4. Cleansing: Wipe down each nail with an alcohol pad to remove oils and debris, preparing them for the best adhesion.

Application Process

  1. Apply Base Coat: Begin by applying a thin layer of the Glowtips Base Coat.

  2. Cure the Base: Place your nails under the Glowtips LED Nail Lamp and cure for 60 seconds. It’s normal for the base to feel slightly tacky; this is not an indication of incomplete curing.

  3. Applying the Polygel:

    • Squeeze a small, pea-sized amount of Polygel onto the spatula.
    • Apply the Polygel starting with the thumb, adjusting the quantity slightly as you move to smaller nails.
    • Dip your Glowtips Nail Brush into the Slip Solution to help sculpt the Polygel smoothly over the nail. Remember, less is more with the slip solution to maintain a strong bond.
  4. Sculpting and Curing:

    • Gently press and smooth the Polygel towards the cuticle and along the sides, being careful not to let the gel touch the skin.
    • Cure each nail for 60 seconds under the LED lamp, working on one nail at a time to prevent the Polygel from settling.
  5. Second Layer and Adjustments:

    • If necessary, apply additional Polygel to any sparse areas or edges and cure again.
  6. Finishing Up:

    • Once all nails have been sculpted and cured, use a nail file to smooth the surface.
    • Remove all filing dust with an alcohol wipe.
  7. Top Coat Application:

    • Apply a layer of top coat for a glossy finish and cure under the lamp.
    • For those opting to add a splash of colour with gel polish, apply directly on top of the base or with an additional base coat for enhanced adhesion.
  8. Nourishing Cuticles:

    • Finish by moisturising your cuticles with some oil to keep them hydrated and healthy.
  9. Admire Your Work:

    • Enjoy your professionally finished, strong, and gorgeous overlay nails.


Thank you for following along with this tutorial on creating overlay nails using the Glowtips Poly Nail Gel. By mastering these steps, you can maintain a fabulous manicure at home. Don’t forget to like, follow, and subscribe for more tutorials, including tips on how to safely remove your Poly Nail Gel without damaging your natural nails. Happy manicuring!