Full Set 8pcs Poly Nail Gel
Full Set 8pcs Poly Nail Gel
Full Set 8pcs Poly Nail Gel

Full Set 8pcs Poly Nail Gel

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Product description

Unsure of which Poly Nail Gel colour to get or feeling creative with the looks you can create? Then our full set of 8 Poly Nail Gel colours is perfect for you!

Our Glowtips Poly Nail Gels ensures flawless looking nails and an even colour throughout. Poly Nail Gels are known for its easy application which works in the favour of your time. Poly Nail Gel enhancements are lightweight and stronger than acrylic, whilst providing a bit of flexibility to your nails preventing them from painful snapping.

Suitable for all personal and professional use.

Poly Nail Gel uses:

  • Nail Extension
  • Nail Enhancement (Overlay)
  • Marble Design
  • Ombré or French Tip Design
  • One Colour Overlay
  • Infills

To be used with Glowtips Poly Nail Gel Slip Solution.

Product contents

1 x Crystal Clear (01) 30g
1 x Pure White (02) 30g
1 x Beige Pink (03) 30g
1 x Crystal Pink (04) 30g
1 x Nude Peach (05) 30g
1 x Nude Pink (06) 30g
1 x Mocha Nude (07) 30g
1 x Khaki Brown (08) 30g

How to use

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